Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Addiction

Daniel and I developed a new addiction this past week. We couldn't eat. We couldn't sleep. We wouldn't study. ...Okay, well it wasn't quite that bad. But, really, we put off studying, we put off eating dinner. It was a surprise that this one little thing could be so distracting and addicting.

Our addiction came in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Who knew a little puzzle could be so addicting? We didn't!! We decided to start working on this little puzzle for family home evening, and for the next two days after that, we would spend hours working on it. It only took us three days to complete, when it should have taken us maybe a week or two. We spent far too much time with it.

This is Tuesday, and we are already half-way done.

Here's our addiction, completed.

So, we found out we kind of like puzzles. And, so, we decided that we probably shouldn't be doing puzzles during school. But trust us ... we'll be doing puzzles once school gets out! Maybe everyday for hours and hours!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thanks to some help from my brother Michael I got an internship in Washington D.C. for this summer. I was really lucky to get such a good internship with Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services. We are really excited to spend the summer in D.C.! We've never been there, so great adventures are ahead!

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's day today and we hope you all did too. Have fun looking at our pictures!!!!

We weren't quite ready for this picture.

Leslie received a teddy bear for Valentines and is so happy.

I really love this picture of Leslie, I caught her a little off guard if you can't tell.

Christmas Part 2

I just thought Leslie looked way cute in this picture so that's why I added it. It was taken just before we went on a date to the arcade.

Scott received a really nice new bow for Christmas so we went to a ranch and did some target practice. If you look really close in the picture above I think you can see the arrow flying through the air!

We went a different day with Leslie and Dad, but unfortunately they didn't make it this time. Leslie almost got a bulls-eye. We all did awesome and had fun. Oh and Tiki (the dog) loved the ranch, he went cow and horse chasing and just about got trampled by the horse. Some are sad he didn't.

Look at Scott's sweet shot group!

So we decided to do ginger bread houses, luckily we planned to do two because I left one in the oven too long and we ended up with a black house. And a black house doesn't look very Christmasy. They must not have had fire insurance.

It was like a mansion for the gummy bears!

Didn't we do awesome!! Our first ginger bread house from scratch.


We had a blast over Christmas Break, it was nice to not be stressed about school. Above you can see our Christmas Tree. And if you were wondering, that is our normal tree that we've had for a long time. We just covered it in Christmas Decorations and put presents under it and suddenly it became a Christmas Tree!!
We spent most of the break in Medford, OR with the Fernandez. We had tons of fun there. We had a really delicious, nice, formal dinner Christmas Eve. Below is Santa falling through the Fernandez's kitchen ceiling. Woops!

Golfing with Mom and Dad

For Daniel's birthday dinner we played miniature golf with Mom and Dad. It was freezing, but we had a good time. Dad whooped everybody. Who knew he would be so good at it? No offense Dad, we just haven't ever played with you before.