Sunday, March 23, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Days are fairly low-key for us, since V-day tends to fall right at the beginning of Busy Season. However, Daniel is always really good about making time for us on the Day of Love!

This year, I started our special day with some pink, heart-shaped waffles for breakfast. Brooke loved them! Waffles are her favorite.

Daniel and I both surprised each other with home-made gifts:

From Leslie to Daniel

From Daniel to Leslie

From Leslie to Daniel
This is a photo mosaic that I did using a website. I collected hundreds of pictures of us and the adventures we've taken together, uploaded them to the website with this picture, and it popped this out. We really love how it turned out!

And in the evening, I left Brooke with a babysitter, and Daniel took me out to a fancy fun dinner at Buca Di Beppo. We love Valentine's Day!

Brooke 18 month update

Here is what Brooke has been doing a lot of . . .

Reading . . .

. . . and more reading (particularly cookbooks; not sure if this is a sign of anything)

Making messes . . .

Her mess making skills are improving daily.

And now some pictures of the cutie . . .

not sure what she was trying to say here . . .
 We had a picnic on the grass today . . .

We love making her laugh!
 When I saw this picture . . .

 I thought of this character . . .

She is our own little Wolverine!! How cute!

Bad hair day.

Holbrook Update

I have been working like crazy!  Which is not unexpected during this time of year, but it's never easy.  The workload usually picks up between the middle and end of January and doesn't stop until April 15th.  I'm working 10-12 hours a day and then I work on Saturdays as well.  Sundays become even more important because it's my only real day to spend with Brooke and Leslie.

I'm thankful that I work with people that share and/or understand my values so I'm not expected to work on Sundays.  Despite my employers having the expectation of me working long hours during parts of the year, they are very family friendly and are considerate of family needs.  I even work with the Elder Quorum president and the Executive Secretary so it's not uncommon to get church assignments while I'm at work. 

Leslie has made it an annual tradition to take a trip to visit her family in Oregon/Washington while I'm working the long hours.  It's good for each of us; Leslie really enjoys seeing her family and I don't have to feel guilty about working late, but by the end of the trip we are missing each other desperately. 

Our garden has been progressing nicely  . .  .

Our first harvest!

Fruits of the harvest.

This was a delicious salad with green from the garden. Unfortunately Leslie was gone, so I enjoyed it all by myself.

When we went to the nursery to buy plants for our little yard, I asked them if tulips actually grow here, because it doesn't get cold.  The lady at the nursery suggested I put the tulip bulbs in the fridge for a while to trick them into thinking it's winter .  . .

These tulips were officially tricked!