Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a Typical Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, Daniel and I, at the end of a busy week, had a busy weekend as well. I was studying a lot, and Dan was working for the army. At the end of Friday, Daniel decided to come home at the end of his training, and he called me ahead of time to tell me he was coming home. I started making dinner right away. It was nothing really special, a rice dish and some veggies. But I decided that, to spruce it up a bit, I would make a romantic picnic out of it. I laid out a blanket in the living room and lit some candles, whipped out some Martinelli's and some goblets. After dinner, we roasted marshmellows over the candles. But it did not turn out as we expected. First of all, it took forever to roast a marshmellow. It kind of bubbled on one tiny spot, and when it started to burn, we had to turn it and roast/burn another part. Eventually, we felt it was roasted enough to eat, and so...we ate. What we were unaware of was that our candles were scented, and our marshmellows tasted like our candles! It was kind of flowery. Suffice it to say, we won't be roasting marshmellows over candles anymore!

The Beginning of the "Best Marriage Ever"

Dan and I started our lives together this year. We got married on May 23rd, and then had an awesome honeymoon in Mexico. The wedding, with all of it's preparations and business, was a lot of fun. Our favorite part, besides being sealed in the temple for eternity, was having all of our family gathered together to celebrate with us, especially extended family we hadn't seen in a while.

Just a fun side note that I'm very proud of: my wedding dress cost $75. A special thanks to my mother-in-law for this one!

Our Honeymoon was amazing! We spent a few days in Mexico city, seeing the city, exploring old ruins, and going to the temple. Then we flew to Huatulco, a little town on the southern cost of Mexico. That was my favorite! We spent our days on the beach, feeling very tropical. We went to some waterfalls a little ways away from the town, and we went snorkeling one day. It was super-cool to see all the colorful fish in the ocean. We even got to swim with some schools of fish. It was great!

At the Mexico City Temple

We are standing on top of the waterfall!

Dan and I in our snorkeling garb

These days, we are living in Provo, going to school and enjoying life together. Dan just started the Masters program of Accounting, and I'm finishing with my last year in physiology and developmental biology. Life is way good!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Time!

I've heard from several people that the one thing that generally happens immediately after the wedding is the creation of a blog. And of course, like every other fad, I had to resist it for a little while before actually giving in and starting a blog. So, last Sunday, my wonderful, beautiful sister-in-law, Emily, convinced me of the necessity of a blog, and here I am. I was apparently under the false assumption that one needs to have an adorable child (or expecting one) in order to start a blog, or else the whole thing's pointless (and, by the way, I still think this is the case...blogs are a whole lot more fun with babies, aren't they?). But Emily told me that I should just find pictures of cute babies on the internet and post them. That'll draw people in! Here are some of the cutest babies I found online.