Sunday, January 23, 2011

Got a job, headed to Burbank!

After a tiresome search I (Daniel) found a job. And it's actually a really good one. I will be going to work with an accounting firm called King, King, Alleman, and Jensen (KKAJ).

The firm is located in Burbank, CA which is really close to where Leslie was born and where some of her extended family still live. For those of you who aren't familiar with the area, it's just north of L.A..

We are really excited! I start during mid-August so we'll be headed down there about then.

It will be really nice to get away from the cold cold cold Utah weather. In fact this morning I was thinking about how nice the weather will be so I looked it up and the high for tomorrow in Burbank is supposed to be 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Doesn't that sound awesome. Burbank is also right by Hollywood, and the headquarters for Disney is there too.

Family Pictures!

We did family pictures while in Medford with the Fernandez during Christmas break. Didn't they turn out super awesome!!
I couldn't leave out this picture of Drew.

What a cute couple!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


A new year! YEAY! You know, when I was growing up, I was always so sad when the end of a year came. It meant the end of all the holiday joys, along with some really good stuff that happened during the year.

But this year, something new happened. This year, I'm not very sad at all. In fact, I'm excited for the coming year. Of course, some really great things happened in 2010: Dan and my 1 year anniversary; I graduated from BYU; Dan and I had an amazing experience in Washington, D.C., to name a few. But I am excited for all of the things that will happen, planned or unplanned, this coming year of 2011. I am excited for the things that I will do and work on, and I'm excited for another chance.

How many of our friends (that means you) make New Year's Resolutions? Any good ones for 2011?

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The month of December went by way too quickly, as it usually does. I was busy with my two jobs and training for my second job, and Daniel was finishing up a rough semester. I almost feel like we missed some of the season.

We went to Oregon for Christmas and had a very wonderful, relaxing time! We watched movies and ate a lot of good food, sang Christmas songs and enjoyed buying presents for each other. I'm a little sad that it's all over, but fortunately, Christmas comes every year!

This is our little fakey Christmas tree. We got it free on KSL and then spent a little money to decorate it thus.
In the spirit of the past season, we want all of our friends and family to know how happy we are that Jesus came to this earth! What a marvelous gift God has given us for Christmas, a gift in the form of His Only Begotten Son! We know that He lived and died for us all. Daniel and I would also like to tell you that we love you. Our lives are greatly enriched by having YOU in them!