Sunday, June 12, 2011

New hair/beard styles

I know our blog may not be quite as entertaining because we don't have so many super cute baby pictures or funny toddler/baby stories (seems like everyone else that has a blog has cute babies), but we have some great pictures of us.

Leslie has always wanted a blue streak in her hair. I've always thought it was a wild idea, but she went through with it this past week. She also wanted a haircut like Hillary Duff so she got that too. I think she is super beautiful!!

The blue streak turned out really cool!

And her hair is beautiful too!

I haven't been shaving as much now that I've graduated from BYU. Since I don't normally have to be anywhere each day, because I study most days, I don't have as much motivation to shave. Oh, and I've grown it out because Leslie likes the facial hair.

This next picture is two weeks worth of growth.

We decided to have fun with it so I gradually shaved off parts to see what it would look like. What do you think?? Should I grow it back like one of the following???

Cool, huh?

The next picture of Leslie is there just because I think she looks super beautiful.

Leslie's mom is an amazing seamstress/quilter and she used to make a lot of clothes. A few weeks ago she pulled out some of the old clothes she had made and Leslie tried on a few outfits. Doesn't she look great?

One of the big events this summer has been taking care of Leslie's Grandpa Bowen. He's now 95 years old and has alzheimer's/dementia so he requires 24/7 supervision and care. We had the opportunity of spending a lot of time taking care of him while he was here. He kept us entertained and busy since he doesn't remember more than 10 seconds most of the time. Following is a picture of us with him.

I've been studying and taking the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam since just after school got out. The exam covers four test and they recommend studying 100 - 200 hours per test. So it will take at least this summer for me to study and pass all the exams. I've already taken one, but still have 3 to go.