Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cute Grandpa

Some people post about their children on their blogs, because their kids are cute. We post about Grandpa ... because he is cute!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Magic Mountain

Daniel and I got discount tickets to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday. It was Mormon Family Day, which I thought was pretty cool. So, of course, we went to MM and had a blast. We both love roller coasters a lot! 

After our first coaster of the day!

We were then ready for bigger and better coasters.

Daniel, waiting in LONG lines for Viper.

I can't remember which coaster this one is... but it was fun. And You can tell we're excited. 

I insisted we go on the Log Ride. Isn't that a rule? Every amusement park has one, and you just have to go!

After the Log Ride. You can't tell from this pic, but we are soaked.

Yea, we got pretty wet. Daniel was not happy. I was!

Waiting in big, long lines.
At first we were a little worried because we have noticed that we tend to get more motion sick than we did when we were teenagers. But after the first couple of rides, we were fine, and having a BLAST!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Follow Up

I am happy to report that the base of the toilet is now clean. Yessir! It is dead cockroach free! Their little buggy bodies are resting peacefully in my vacuum cleaner (the only way I could get myself to do it was to suck them up with the vacuum hose; that way, I was a safe distance from them). Yessir! The toilet is looking brand-spanking new ... or very nearly so.

This post is dedicated to my Wonderful Mother! Love you, Mom!

PS: if you are confused, look up the post from a few weeks ago on August 29, 2011 entitled "I'm Not Going There!".

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

 Daniel got tickets to a Dodgers game last night. Free! The benefits of working at an accounting firm.... (sigh) Someone in his office had 4 tickets to the game they were not using. So Daniel took them. We had Grampa Duty last night, but we just took him with us. He resisted. The whole way there. Proclaimed that he WOULD NOT go to a baseball game! "Like h***, I'm going to a baseball game at this time of night!" His words, not mine. We took him against his will. I guess you could say that was kidnapping (or grampa-napping?); kidnapping him to a baseball game.

But once we got into the stadium, with all the noise and crowds and excitement, he cheered right up. He was just as excited to be there as we were; he loved commenting on the number of spectators, the baseball players, the game, the night, etc. We had a great time at the game and with Grampa!

Grampa and Daniel (look how happy Gpa is!)
Daniel and Me
Daniel, eating a Dodger Dog. Delicious!
Grampa enjoyed a Dodger Dog, too.
Me and Grampa

Daniel, with a mini Dodger's Cap on his head
We were on field level, amazing seats!

Grampa's Fixes

On a Sunday about a week ago, Daniel and I decided to take Grampa for a drive. He needed to get out after a weekend of being cooped up inside. We drove through some scenic canyons to the ocean, and on the way back, Grampa got onto a fix ... a counting fix. (He often becomes fixated on something, and then he repeats over and over whatever it is that he's fixated on. One time, he was fixated on us all being friends. He even toasted us being friends over some cranberry juice. This one was really funny!)

He started counting, starting at 1 and going to 100. Then he would start over at 1. At times, he would get distracted by something, and I thought for sure he would lose track. "34, 35, 36 ... Boy, look at those mountains! They're beeeeaaaautiful!" Then, "...37, 38, 39..." It was incredible! He rarely skipped a beat!

This video is pretty funny. It kind of shows what he was up to. You really should watch it to the end, he says some funny things!

Some Fun Pics!

Going through Gpa's stuff, we found this. Sweet, huh?

Daniel and Gpa at the ocean

Leslie and Gpa at the ocean

On Daniel's birthday. We drove around Beverly Hills, feeling very Californian

Leslie and Gpa on Daniel's birthday, after singing to Daniel
These blocks are the toys we give to Gpa to keep him amused and occupied

This is Daniel's latest creation. Lovely, isn't it? Truthfully, we all play with them.