Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back home: Time to hike Timp!

Leslie and he siblings had never hiked Timpanogos so we decided we had better get around to it. We had a great time even though we were all sore and in pain by the end of the long treacherous hike. We even saw a mountain goat!

Look how excited we look to hike a mountain. (The Fernandez had know idea what they were up against.)

The road back home: Chicago

Leslie has a brother, Adam, that lives in Chicago so we decided to stop to see him on the way. I had never met Adam so it was good getting to know him. We had a great time talking and catching up. Adam even walked us around downtown Chicago the next day.

Since we were stopping in Chicago we decided we had also better see our good friends Adam and Elizabeth McMurtrey. They are always fun to be around, and we were just sad that we didn't have more time to hang out.

We couldn't leave Chicago without having a "Chicago Stuffed Pizza." It was delicious!

The road back home: Kirtland

Our fist stop on the trip back to Utah from Virginia was Kirtland, Ohio. Neither of us had been there before and it wasn't that far off the road back home. We enjoyed getting a tour of the LDS restoration site, and of the Kirtland Temple. Although the temple is now owned by the Community of Christ, we could still feel the spirit and dedication left by those faithful saints who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build a Temple. I am thankful for the legacy that they left. Last week in regional conference President Packer said that the early saints had the easier part, which is hard to believe. It makes me think we are up against a lot.

Look how cute Leslie is!

Newel K Whitney home:

Kirtland Inn:

DC Adventure: End of summer

Living with Martina:

We rented Martina Sabo's basement for the summer. One of the best parts of the summer was getting to know Martina. She was a blast to be with. We had no idea renters could become such good friends with their land-lady. She would come down to eat with us and we would go up to eat with her. We enjoyed listening to her singing from upstairs. She was always so kind to us throughout the whole summer. Martina is AWESOME!

Disney World:

Near the end of the internship Ernst & Young sends almost all of their 1,400 interns to a Disney World resort for an intern conference. Some people had a hard time believing that I would have an expense paid trip to Disney World and get paid to go, but I did. Unfortunately Leslie couldn't go, which is too bad because she probably would have enjoyed it so much more.

What surprised me the most was that at every meal they had Mickey Mouse shaped butters at the tables.

DC Adventure: Annapolis

Ok, this is the fourth time I've tried to post this to the blog so I hope it works. The reason we went so long without blogging is because we've had so many problems posting things. So quite a while ago while we were still in Virginia, we went with Bowman and Stephanie to Annapolis, MD. They suggested we go crabbing since they had learned while in Texas. After a lot of driving around we finally found a place. Apparently the best bait is chicken. So as soon as we got there I dipped my chicken, tied to a string, in the water. After only about 45 seconds a crab grabbed on and I pulled him out of the water. Below is a picture of my price crab!

Unfortunately that was the only crab we caught that day. Others would start eating the chicken but wouldn't hold on when we pulled it out of the water.

After crabbing we head to the tourist part of Annapolis. We had fun walking around and looking at all the shops.