Sunday, April 28, 2013

Update on Brooke

It is so fun being a parent! We LOVE having Brooke in our lives. She makes life very exciting and fun. And she keeps us on our toes.

  • She is sitting up on her own now
  • She just learned to roll 2 weeks ago. We were all very excited!
  • She is a big talker. She is always making noises. She's becoming an expert on ma, da, and na sounds.
  • She loves mashed bananas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Well, and any other kind of fruit, really. She's actually a pretty good eater. One of Daniel's favorite things is that she grunts when we are feeding her solids. It is pretty funny.
  • She thinks swinging on park swings is the most delightful thing.
  • She enjoys being outside.
  • She loves when Dadda tosses her around and "flies" her all over the house.
  • She likes playing by herself, but she gets mad if Mumma wanders too far. 
  • She is more understanding and curious and aware.
  • She is almost constantly moving her toes. It's really adorable.
 And so, for some pictures:

Saying "good-bye" to our Burbank Apartment

Pictures of the House

Living Room -- Before and After
Fireplace in Living Room
Dining Room -- Before and After
Kitchen -- Before and After
Powder Room -- Before and After
Staircase and awkward nook

Loft -- Before and After
Master Bedroom -- Before and After
Master Bath
Master Bath
Brooke's Bathroom
Yes. We painted the whole house the same color. 
We'll probably choose to paint some of the rooms different colors later. We went for simplicity for now. Plus, I kind of like how bright this creamy color makes the house look. 
The cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen will be quite different soon. We are re-staining them, because they are looking pretty beat up. That is the last big project we are doing on the house for a while. We are tired and out of money. :)

New House!

We are all moved into our new house!! And we love it!

We moved all our things into the garage for a few weeks while the painters did their thing and the carpet guys did their thing. And Brooke and I escaped for a week and a half to Oregon while all that was going on, thankfully.

She and I had a great time visiting with our family. It was none too eventful, just relaxing and mostly calm. I got a great chance to bond with my youngest brother, Scott, who I have never really been able to spend one-on-one time with. I don't know how he felt about it, but I really enjoyed getting to know him better and spend so much time with him. Out of nowhere, he grew up to be a funny, kind, smart, fun kid! I really love him!

When Brooke and I came home, we had new carpet and an almost newly-painted house. It was very exciting!

I then spent the next 3 weeks moving things into the house from the garage and deep cleaning the house and unpacking everything and getting rid of some stuff, while Daniel finished up with busy season. Boy, were we both so glad when tax season was over! April 15th. Our new favorite day of the year.

Pictures forthcoming...