Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Holbrook

Yesterday, I had my first ultrasound. Yes, it was a bit late. Long story.
It was very exciting, though! I got to see our baby! And he actually LOOKS like a baby! You can't see it that well, but there's a head, and an arm, and a belly. I actually feel pregnant now. Seeing him brought it to reality. And I'm very excited!!

What a miraculous thing! I have a living being growing inside of me! With a heartbeat and everything. I think I've even been feeling him move. Just little almost indiscernible bumps in my abdomen, but unlike anything else I felt there before.

And before you know it, this living being inside of me is going to be an adorable, tiny baby ... outside of me! I feel very blessed to be a woman!

PS: Official due date -- August 23!

I Love My Grandpa

Grampa Bowen passed away on February 29, in the evening. A month prior to his passing, he broke his hip, and he wasn't able to recover. We will miss him. He was a great adventure for Daniel and myself these past several months, and he was always a good grandfather to me.

Besides, he was about the cutest 95-year-old man ever!!