Sunday, January 20, 2013

Having fun with the baby!

Our lives revolve around our baby so sorry that's about all we blog about. We have some other big news to tell the world, but I think I will do it in a later post.

Brooke, like most babies, likes to suck on anything that she can get in her mouth. This week she figured out that if she tries, she can get her toes all the way to her mouth!

She also loves her baths!

And last of all we've been having wonderful weather this week (see the forecast below). Brooke and I just went on an excellent walk together. And before you all get jealous, just remember that there are a lot of drawbacks to California. Just ask Leslie, I'm always complaining to her.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Christmas Pictures

Pretty eyes!

Uncle Scott: Best Uncle Ever!

Christmas in Oregon ... and Cute Pictures of Brooke

Daniel and I went to Oregon for Christmas this year. I flew to Portland a few days before he drove up, and my mom and sisters picked me up and we all went to Tacoma area to see my sister, Julie. She was really hankering to see Brooke, and I was really hankering to show her Brooke, too. 
 We surprised her by showing up on her doorstep at 2 in the morning, baby and bags in tow! (We hope it was a pleasant surprise and not a stressful surprise. At least we had fun!)

Brooke with her cousin, Drew. Cousin Love!

Brooke's new favorite thing to do: chew on her fingers.

Diane and Houston: don't really know what I can say...

Pretty girl.

Cookie, the Christmas Elf

Brooke and Mummu playing in the mirror.

We had a pretty awesome Christmas. And we even got free babysitting from Gramma and Grampa, so that Mummu and Dadda could go on some dates. Fabulous! 

(maybe someday you'll see pictures of us again... but I doubt it.)