Sunday, June 29, 2014

Living life . . .

We are having a nice summer.  Other than looking forward to having a baby girl in October, nothing too exciting has been happening.  We are just enjoying our summer by hanging out as a family and going to the pool.

A few weeks ago we went to feed ducks at a local pond . . .

 Brooke is getting very good at all her animal sounds.  Instead of saying quack though, she says "cack, cack, cack".

 Brooke just being cute!

 Stephanie Mitchell made this great robe for Brooke a while back.  Doesn't she look cute!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our baby is a . . .

Due October 2014
 Leslie is looking great!!

What a babe!
 Leslie came home from church today looking so cute, so I decided I had to take a picture.

Baby bump: 21 Weeks

Brooke's hair has been a bit scraggly lately so Leslie took the matter into her own hands and gave her a haircut . . . (her hair was done by me today so don't judge).


Looking forward to another girl in the house!