Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthdays, Updates and More

Well, the Fall season is nearly over, and much has been happening. Daniel is almost done with his last semester of school and has been hard at work looking for a job. I have also spent much time looking for a job. I recently landed a very part time job teaching Spanish, which is exciting and scary.

Fall carried with it beautiful weather and colors and two wonderful birthdays: Daniel's and mine. For Daniel's birthday, we did a variety of activites, which included a picnic and a games night with friends and family. I bought for Daniel Settler's of Catan, which was definitely a good investment. We play it ALL THE TIME!

For my birthday, Daniel took me up a lovely canyon for a drive, and then we had a Halloween party, complete with Halloween party music, a pumpkin cake, and pumpkin carving.

Daniel and I in the canyon. Aren't the leaves gorgeous???
A bunch of people I like a whole lot: Me, Kathryn, Alison, Alicia, Cara, Naomi, Brian, and Stephanie.
Same people, only with Rayna, too...
Brian, Cara and me carving pumpkins.
Hooray for Halloween!!