Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...And the "Best Husband Award" Goes To...

I graduated in April, but for the past few months I've been looking desperately for a job. I found a very part-time job teaching Spanish at a troubled youth facility. And I learn much everyday I go, but I'm really fired up about it.

Last week, I got another part-time job as a receptionist at a doctor's office. So, of course, this week I'm training all week. And I'm working full-time just to train. As you can imagine, this week has been very busy and crazy ... which is new and exciting for me!!

As you can also imagine, I'm pretty wound up right now ... and tired. So, last night, when I got home at 8:00 pm after teaching Spanish, this is what I came home to:

Daniel cleaned the bathroom (YEAY! I hate cleaning the bathroom ... it's the only chore I really have to make myself do. Sometimes it just doesn't get cleaned ... ). And, he drew me a hot bubble bath, lighting the bathroom with candles.

I'm pretty sure the last time I took a bath I was 5. I just have never done it. But when I came home, Daniel said that I needed to relax and take a little break. In the bath. Reading my book. I've decided now that it's my favorite thing ever! Any of you sisters out there with me?

And look! He even provided me a bowl full of CHOCOLATE! I was so surprised and delighted with the whole thing. I don't think I thanked him enough ... and I did it several times! I'm sure he got sick of me saying thank you.

So ... who does the "Best Husband Award" go to? DANIEL HOLBROOK!!! A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!


Our ward had a big Halloween party. Chili cook-off, costume contest and all. I spent all day making chili, trying to make it perfect. And then we had to figure out costumes. Due to lack of imagination and funds to buy a costume, this is what Daniel and I did:

We dressed up as Cowboy and Cowgirl. We even went all out and splurged to buy little toy guns and sheriff badges! Let's be honest: we were adorable. But we didn't win the costume contest.

And, when we got to the party, Daniel put the pot of chili on a burner to heat it up before putting up to be taste tested, and .... yep .... it burnt. There goes our chances of winning the chili contest. Oh well! We had fun!

Here's the costume that won:


Here is the costume I voted for: Leonardo Da Vinci and his lovely Mona Lisa.Look at how AWESOME my braid looks! I was so impressed with myself. It never looked this good before or since!