Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moving ... Again

Yes. We are moving again. It seems like we have had several blog posts about the moving process. We have done it several times since we've been married.
But this time, it's a different, very exciting move, and, hopefully, more permanent than our past living situations have been.

We bought a townhouse. 

We have been working on closing the deal on our house for the past month or so, and it will likely close at the beginning of this coming week. So, we are moving again, on Saturday.
We are very excited about the new house. It is much bigger than any other place that we lived (unless you count my parent's house, which we lived in for a summer; and Grampa's house, which we lived in for 3 months).
  • 2 stories
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 1/2 bathrooms
  • 1 loft
  • a garage and laundry room (which I'm fairly excited about. No more shared laundry rooms or laundromats? Alright, then!)
  • 1790 sq. feet
We definitely have room to grow. And grow we surely will! We have some work to do on the house; re-carpet and paint all the walls. But we won't have time to do it before we have to move in. So, Brooke and I are escaping to Oregon for a week and a half while Daniel works like a madman to get the house ready. 
Which we appreciate. Very much. 
It seems kind of unfair that we get to go play with Gramma and Grampa, Aunt Mary and Uncle Scott, while he works and fixes up the house. But before you go thinking how insensitive and mean I am as a wife, it was his idea. Probably he just wants us out of the way for a while. 

And for some pictures. 

Keep in mind. It will look super-much better after we paint and re-carpet. 

We will be getting rid of that awkward looking bookshelf.

Dirty, dirty walls!

We are pretty excited!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love, Love, LOVE being a MOTHER!

I had a little outing with a friend of mine, and we were having a fun and insightful conversation about motherhood. She is the mother of an adorable and energetic 4 year old boy, who keeps her really busy. She was telling me about all of the wonderful and hard things that she has learned being his mother, and how it'd the best thing she's done.

And I've been thinking a lot about how I've changed and the things I've learned in the few short months that I have been a mother. I think, after my decision to marry Daniel, it's the best decision I have made.

I think about all the women in the world who choose not to have children, for whatever reasons, or who postpone motherhood. And I feel sorry for them. They tend to think that a career is the most important work they will do, that they will find fulfillment in their jobs, and that their personal growth and development will be furthered by all of their education, traveling, etc. I don't think they could be more wrong. And I know they are missing out.

I LOVE being a mom! I don't have much experience under my belt, but the little that I have had has been challenging, hard, wonderful, and joyful. I am so in love with my baby! Who wouldn't love to wake up everyday to play and take care of this sweet thing?

 Who wouldn't love to walk into baby's room, first thing in the morning, to see a huge smile on her face, just because you came into the room? Who wouldn't love to sing and give baths and go on walks and read books, because baby loves doing those things? Who wouldn't love to look into the eyes of a sweet baby and see such adoration there?

It isn't easy. And heaven knows Brooke and I have had rough things to deal with already. But ... it's amazing! I've never known such joys or anxieties. Thrills or sorrows. Delights or worries. I just love to snuggle her, fall asleep with her, play with her, read to her. And what's more, I just have the hardest time not eating her everyday!

On this Valentine's Day, I feel ever so blessed to have 2 wonderful Valentines: the most wonderful husband and father, and the most beautiful, fun and special baby girl.

PS: Happy Valentine's Day to all my loved ones! I'm blessed to have you in my life!