Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Disneyland with the Family

 Daniel took me and the girls to Disneyland once, just us. And then we went to Disneyland one time more with Bekah and Chris and Gramma Holbrook when they came. We just went up for one of the days they were there. We had a grand old time with them! Especially Brooke. She LOVED playing with her cousins, and she and Brooklyn seemed to get on especially well. It was really fun to watch them and oh, so cute. It seemed really busy on the day we went with them; more so than the day we went by ourselves. But I'd checked the weather, and it was supposed to rain that day. I was hoping the rain would drive people out of the park. Well, it did rain. A lot, and hard. I was surprised. I was expecting a little sprinkling for maybe a short time. But no. We got really wet, and we were not fully prepared. But ... it did drive some of the crowd out of the park. And it was still a really fun day.

We went to Medford for a quick trip, and also for a job interview for Daniel. It was nice to visit with my family. And Daniel got the job. But we didn't take it.

*Our 6th anniversary happened while we were in Medford. We took advantage of some great, free babysitting to do a fun anniversary date. We drove out to Jacksonville for dinner at a fun Thai restaurant, which, of course, I loved, loved, loved! We walked around Jacksonville for a while after dinner, looking at all of the old buildings and stopping to read the plaques telling about the history of Jacksonville. And we topped it all off with a drive outside of town to a secluded spot for a little stargazing. It was the perfect evening!*

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