Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Random Pictures and Catching Up

*Camille is the best cuddle bug ever! I LOVE cuddle time with my baby! Lately we've taken to nursing in my bed when Brooke is napping, and more often than not, we fall asleep like that. It's just the best. *

* One day, I made up some bath paints for Brooke to play with in the tub. I found the idea on pinterest and really had to try it. It was not a disappointment! She played in the tub with those paints for an hour before I had to force her to clean up and get out. It was good fun! *

* Brooke really loves to get into Mamma's makeup. We have many pictures of her with makeup all over her face. It's funny, and really cute. *

* Somebody found her toes. And she loves to chew on them. *

* She has such huge beautiful eyes! *

* Happy St. Patrick's Day! I made some pretty festive, yet disgusting, green food: green, lucky charms pancakes (with the marshmallows in it); and then, a quesadilla with a green tortilla and green salsa; and for dinner, vegan sausage and potatoes dish. We did sidewalk chalk using green chalk, and went on a fun walk. *

* We've had really wonderful weather the last few months. These pictures were taken at the park. It's so great to be outside with the girls. They love it! And so do I! *

* Cuddle time with my wonderful little girls! My favorite time of the day! *

* ... more makeup ... *

* Date night! I took Daniel to an Indian restaurant and then to see "Cinderella" in the theaters. It was a really fun date, and a nice break for both of us from busy season. Daniel really loved the Indian food and I really loved the movie (I mean, I really liked the food, too, and Daniel enjoyed the movie). We don't have enough dates, I think. *

* 5 months old!?! Already??? *

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