Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Petite Princess

Camille at 8 Months - 

Height -- 25 in.
Weight -- 13 lbs. 2 oz.

They didn't give me any percentages. So, I assume she isn't on the charts anymore. Last time we went in, she was in the 1st percentile. And she hasn't grown all that much in 2 months. She's too tiny for their newfangled charts! The doctor is only semi-concerned about it. "Well, she is growing," she said, "She's just not growing as fast as I would like." The way I see it, Camille comes from 2 fairly petite parents, and one of those parents comes from a long line of petites on both sides. So, she just got all of that petite. :)

And now, for some pictures:

 *Sometimes, what works best when I have to get something done downstairs is putting Camille in her highchair and giving her some cereal to work on, in this picture, Rice Krispies. This particular day, Brooke requested some Rice Krispies, too. So I put a pile on Camille's tray, she pulled up a chair, and together they ate Rice Krispies. And listened to the song, "Sisters, Sisters" over and over again. *

*Brooke built a robot. :)*

*My petite princess. She's not tall or big enough for her highchair. We had to safety pin the straps down, and she can hardly reach the food that's on her tray. I love it. *

 *My little sleeping beauty*

*The morning after laundry day, there was still a pile of rags on the couch needing to be folded and put away. While I was doing something in the kitchen, Brooke just sat down on the couch and started folding the rags. And she did a pretty fantastic job, too, for one so young and so untrained in such things! That girl is one special little being. And I was one proud and pleased mamma!*

*I am loving these little girl braids! A few weeks ago, I decided to try doing braids in Brooke's hair, and it pretty much worked. We now do braids a few times a week. I think she loves them as much as I do. She requested braids for her hair on Sunday.*

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